The qrKinetix platform facilitates the connections to seamlessly link real-world people to pertinent virtual world content, in the moment. In other words, we make it easy to use qrcodes and mobile phones to engage with meaningful, relevant content, and serve up that information in a quick and mobile-friendly fashion. We make it easy for you to share that information with your friends. It’s fun stuff, we’re not just serving up dumb ads.

We’ve developed a software platform that can easily serve up mobile-friendly microsites, linked from scanned qr codes. These microsites provide simple, straightforward, basic information. What you need to know, now, with links to more detailed content you can view later. You can edit your site content, on the fly, from your phone. And, we track performance. We can tell you when/where somebody scanned your code, visited your site, and what action they’ve taken past that.